4. The Recipe to Happiness and Productivity-Passion, Care, and Love

Nov. 5, 2019

Passion, care, and love play a role in employee happiness and productivity. Just ask the founders and CEO's of company's of all sizes including JetBlue, Away, Spanx, and many more. Listen in to Dr. Giffen's key take-away'…

3. Employee Performance Management-The Easy Way

Oct. 20, 2019

If you're a leader or supervisor in the role of managing employee performance and find yourself struggling with delivering performance reviews, listen in on some simple steps you can take to deliver effective performance rev…

2. Employee Turnover and the Toxicity Behind Workplace Cultures

Oct. 5, 2019

Poor workplace culture cost the U.S. economy $223 billion in the last five years. Why? Because employees left managers who they believed created a corrosive environment. What can HR and leadership do to drive more profit …

1. California 2020 Employment Law Predictions. What is Governor Newsom Thinking?

Sept. 21, 2019

The California legislature introduced 2,576 employment bills in 2019. We discuss which employment laws will impact your business and the steps you can take.