Love his enthusiasm and passion in his voice, this will be my go to podcast to listen to on the car, especially long drives. Am fourth year college student and these were the advices that were needed to be happy at work!


Ryan gives the behind the scenes to what happens behind close doors at company’s. Definitely worth a listen as you will walk away with the armor needed to protect yourself and overcome obstacles in the workplace. Thanks Ryan!

Informative and fun

Dr. Giffen excels at balancing extensive knowledge and experiences that helps inspire and build quality leaders. The integration of professionalism and levity is exactly what other podcasts lack. Episodes 26 & 31 are favorites!


The Corporate Shadow is captivating and helpful for anyone and everyone functioning in the ever-changing modern work environment. Dr. Giffen offers thoughtful insight on a variety of topics that have helped me become a better supervisor.


There should be a link to this podcast in all employee handbooks


Super interesting stuff for the average joe wanting to know a little more about inner workings of the industry. Bravo Dr Giffen...bravo

Cutting Edge Topics and Guests

This podcast is an excellent resource for anyone within the hospitality industry! The content is well thought out, exploratory, and relevant to those looking to improve and make an impact in the industry.

HR at its best!

Dr. Giffen presents timely and informative topics for HR managers and leaders who are looking to continue to grow their management practices and processes. A must listen for any business!

A must listen ! Amazing industry insight

Your podcast was full of insight with valuable information on how to navigate next steps. At the same time a great source of humor & laughter at time we need it the most!


Super informative! Entertaining and educational


Good info but always a good laugh

Entertaining and informed

Dr. Giffen is informed and current on HR trends and best practices. He brings his vast knowledge of the subject together with passionate, concise talk while making a rather corporate topic feel relatable and even entertaining.

Super informative for all managers and employees

Dr. Giffen provides good oversight into HR best practices, do’s and do not’s and what companies can do to retain top talent.

Hotel Stories

Informative updates on the industry but really listen for the hotel stories

Amazing person!

Ryan is genuinely one of my all time favorite people! Couldn’t be more proud of how great he’s doing. Excited to see what the future holds! Keep killin it babe! 😍